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Teaching Tolerance

An article, from Focus on the Family discusses tolerance in schools. This does not bode well, as Dobson is historically anti-tolerance (see the SpongeBob Squarpants incident).

First things first. Mr. Gateways for Better Education (what a horrible name, can you imagine trying to learn how to spell that in Kindergarten?) tries to say that hate crime is relatively rare, citing a FBI statistic that says only ".001 percent" of students were victims of hate crimes. Okay. That's b.s.

According to National Mental Health Association's study:

--78% of teens report that youth who are gay or thought to be gay are teased or bullied in their schools and communities.

--93% of the teens hear youth use words like "fag," "homo," "dyke," "queer," or "gay" at least once in a while, while 51% of them hear it every day.

--According to a l996 study by the Safe Schools Coalition, three of four youth targeted by anti-gay bullies are heterosexual.

--One of three gay students is physically harassed due to his or her sexual orientation

--One in six is beaten badly enough to require medical attention

--They are four times more likely to be threatened with a weapon at school

--They are two to three times more likely to attempt suicide

--28% drop out of school because of harassment

Maybe that isn't a big deal to Mr. Gateways, but reasonable people should be shocked and horrified by these statitics.
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