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Just to let everyone know, I had a little troll problem over at my journal. One thing I wanted to discuss:

Bottomline, they all need personal relationships with Jesus that aren't based on a wacked-up interpretation of Biblical scripture.

I quote and discuss a lot of scripture, especially in this last series. I want to make something clear: I am no expert. I do my best to interpret the passage accurately and keep it in context. If at any point I say something you feel is inaccurate, please bring it to my attention. Disagreements (as long as they're kept respectful) are totally allowed and even encouraged. I don't promise to change my views or even my post, but I will promise to consider everything that's said.

Likewise, if I say something that doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll try to clarify! I've been studying the Bible (which includes studying the secular history surrounding it and the types of literature used) for a long time now, and sometimes I jump ahead and assume that my audience knows exactly what I'm saying.

Also, this is not a solely Christian community. I write from a Christian perspective, about a man who claims to be a Christian, but people of all (or no) faiths are welcome here.

And finally, this is not the lizzypaul show. We have several members, now. Feel free to post. We don't have many rules, here, and what rules we do have are in the community info.

Thanks everyone!
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